Funny Face Fun Club members have so many amazing stories involving our favorite drink mix that I want to share with you here.

My Mom, Sent In a drawing of a man, who was sweaty and thirsty, She even gave him his name Thirsty Percy, which they used in a commercial where he was mowing grass, We got a kick out of seeing her idea come to life on tv.

Warren K.

I got it done in 2000 in Hollywood, CA where I was living at the time. The tattoo artist was a friend so he used the deeper needle usually just used for outlining to do all the color as well, so it took three and a half hours and it hurt like hell!

Why? I don’t know exactly. Despite being a musician ( I’ve played bass for everyone from Tiny Tim to The Queers, Magnapop to Dolly Parton) I’m not a tattoo kinda guy. Guess it’s just those fond childhood memories – no, you know what, my childhood memories weren’t that fond.

You know why? Cause look at them! They’re fun as shit!!! How can they not put a smile on your face!

The images were taken from the book How Freckle-Faced Strawberry Got His Freckles.

Greg U.

Long story short: many years ago, we got pulled over by Long Beach, CA cops who searched our car. We “fit the description” etc etc. Anyhow, we were headed back to Ohio that night & had five packets of those. After the search was over, we took off for home.

We were going to make a jug of that stuff because we were going to go across the desert. (This was before an interstate Route 66). Anyhow, that’s when we discovered the missing Goofy Grape & Choo Choo Cherry!! The cops stole our yummy juice packets!! 😡 . Actually kinda funny!

Daniel P

As a kid, it was my duty to make the drink for supper. My Grandma, in typical grandmother fashion, had bought me an entire box of assorted FF packs. There must have been 50 packs in there, it was what they shipped them and displayed them in at the store. My favorite was Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, but I had to rotate between them all when mixing them so as not to only drink my favorites and waste the others.

One day, I decided to invent my own flavor, so I used a little from each pack of the different flavors, mixed together in one pitcher. It actually turned out gray! I took it next door and shared it with a neighbor, who tried it and pronounced it “good!.” Later I learned that he told my parents about the experience, and how revolting it actually was to him, lol. I thought it was pretty good, though.

Frederick M.