Why I left Baseball from Goofy Grape Sings

Why Lefty Lemon Doesn’t Play Baseball

With a name like Lefty Lemon, I guess you thought he was a great pitcher. Didn’t you? Well, he isn’t. And I’ll tell you why.

Ever since he was a tiny Lemon, all he could think about was baseball. He wanted to grow up to be the greatest baseball player in the Land of Funny Face. He would see every game he could. He would listen to the radio and watch TV at the same time. (And if that isn’t a real baseball fan, I don’t know what is!)

Every spring, he would try out for the team. Hopefully! And every spring it was the same. He was just too small to play. He tried out for the Major League. And the Minor League. And the Little League. And the Little Little League. It was no use. He was just too small.

But was Lefty Lemon disappointed? Well…..only a little bit. (He wasn’t a sourpuss at all.) You see, he decided that if he couldn’t play on the team, he would be their manager. And that’s just what he is. The greatest manager ever seen in the Land of Funny Face. And when his team wins he’s just proud as if he played. Maybe prouder!

You better ask your dad to explain what a manager does. All I know is that a good team can’t get along without one. (You might mention that to any guys you know!)