Hello! Hello! Hello! from Goofy Grape Sings

Why Loud-Mouth Lime Has a Loudmouth

You probably won’t believe this. But most of the Limes in the Land of Funny Face are pretty sour characters. They don’t even smile when Goofy Grape does his nuttiest tricks. Why even Jolly Olly Orange can’t make them laugh.

Jolly Olly told his funniest stories. Like why a chicken crosses the road. Or why a fireman wears red suspenders. But it was no use. The Limes just looked sour. Isn’t that sad? I think so.

But if you know Jolly Olly Orange, you know that he doesn’t give up easily. He kept telling jokes and riddles to every Lime he met. Until, at last, one of them laughed. The Lime laughed so hard and so long and so loud that Jolly Olly Orange finally had to ask why.




Said the Lime, in between laughing. “I’m Loudmouth Lime. And I’m not a sourpuss!”

You see, Loudmouth Lime has to make up for all the sour characters who never ever laugh. So he laughs louder than anyone else in the world. And when he laughs so loud, everyone around him laughs too. Because, as you know, laughter is very catching.

Next time you know a joke that no one else laughs at, try it out on Loudmouth Lime. (Be sure to put plenty of cotton in your ears. He laughs pretty loud.)