I got Fifty-One Freckles from Goofy Grape Sings

How Freckle Face Strawberry Got His Freckles.

It all took place in the Land of Funny Face. (Say, that rhymes!) Some people say it’s just make-believe. But I don’t know about that. Anyhow…

Freckle Face Strawberry lived in the Funny Face Forest. (Except his name wasn’t Freckle Face then. Just plain Strawberry.) He lived with the Sleepy-Head-Tree and the Fresh-as-a-Daisy Flowers. You know the place. It’s right near Lazy Lake. About a mile from Monster Mountain. It was cool there. And quiet. Altogether a very nice neighborhood. Strawberry should have been very happy. But he wasn’t.

You see, everyone in the Land of Funny Face had a funny face. Of course. And everyone had a nickname. Everyone except Strawberry. That’s why he was sad. It’s no fun to be just plain Strawberry when all the other guys had swell names. Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry. Goofy Grape. And like that.

Oh, sure. He tried some nicknames on for size. Sweetheart Strawberry, Big Chief Strawberry. And even Super Strawberry. But it was no use. None seemed to fit just right.

One day when Strawberry was especially sad, a deadheaded boy came walking by. It was Red Fred. When Strawberry saw him, he was sadder than ever. “Gosh, Red Fred,” he said. “I don’t even have one nickname and you have two. Red Fred. Or Freckle Face Fred.” (Everyone knows that redheaded boys always have freckles!)

Red Fred thought about this. For about five minutes. Then he said. “I have 102 freckles. If I share them with you, you’ll have 51. And that’s enough for a nickname.” Well! Strawberry was happy as could be.

The name was just right.

Freckle Face Strawberry

Yes, it was just right.

So Red Fred gave him the 51 freckles. (You can count then if you like.) And I think that was a nice thing to do. Don’t you?

It’s a good thing that Loudmouth Lime happened to see what happened. Because you know how he is! Sure enough. Before too long everyone heard his name. And Freckle Face Strawberry wasn’t ever sad again in his whole life.

What’s that? How did Red Fred give Freckle Face Strawberry the 51 freckles? Oh, that’s an another story.