Howdee from the Goofy Grape Sings Album

How Goofy Grape Got So Goofy

There he goes. Up to his old tricks. Have you ever seen a goofier Grape? I haven’t! But let me tell you how he got that way.

You see like most Grapes, he was born in a bunch. And if you’ve ever seen a bunch of Grapes, you know that they’re all alike. (That is, they look alike.)

Of course, inside they may be different. But outside.

Harvey look like Harold.
Harold looks like Herbert.
Herbert looks like Howard.
Howard looks like Hubert.
Hubert looks like Humphry.
And so on.

Now this may be all right for some Grapes. But not for one of them. He got tired of just hanging around looking like the rest of the bunch. He wanted to stand out.

Oh, he tried all sorts of things. Some of the things he tried were really pretty goofy! Until finally, every time he tried something, everyone said “There goes that Goofy Grape again.”

Did he mind being called Goofy? Definitely not! Because inside he was goofy all the while. Now his outside matched just right.

And I think that’s the way it should be. Don’t you?

A Tall Tale about Goofy Grape 

Why is Goofy Grape in a ship? He was off to find the biggest fish of all—The Great White Whale. What Goofy was going to do when he met the whale he didn’t know. But that didn’t matter. He just sailed on and on across rivers and lakes until he reached the Ocean of the Whales. Toot! Toot! 

Now everybody knows that whales spout water high into the sky. That is, everybody but Goofy. When he saw all those spouts he thought he was in an ocean full of fountains! “What a goofy mistake,” he said to himself. 

And so you know what he did? He turned around and sailed home. Because even though sailing was fun, Goofy decided that being home on land with the Funny Face gang was even better. 

And if this whole story sounds goofy to you, why do you think that everybody calls him Goofy Grape?