By CHRIS WHEELER published in the Journal-News on November 3rd, 1971

Children and homemakers walk into the kitchen, open a package of Funny Face, pour the contents into a pitcher and add water. It is so simple to prepare that few people realize how much is involved in processing the product.

Pre-sweetened Funny Face, a powdered drink mix, is made by the Pillsbury Co. at the Hamilton plant located at 1100 Eaton Ave.

Sugar for the product arrives at the plant by railroad car, sometimes as much as 180,000 pounds in a large car. The sugar is emptied into large storage bins on the roof through pneumatic hoses and weighed into large stainless steel bins for mixing with other ingredients. The mix then travels through tubes in the packaging line.

Rolls of printed paper are fed through the line, where it is cut, folded and has foil inserts placed inside each envelope. Each package is filled sealed, weighed and automatically tossed aside if it is over or under weight.

As the packages continue along the line they are slacked in trays and then four trays are placed in plastic bags. At this time the packs are placed in boxes, the first time they are handled.

Each box is stamped with a code number, enabling the company to know exactly where the box is shipped.

The line that packages Funny Face turns out 100 packages a minute Broken down into servings, a machine turns out 2,400 one-half pint servings per minute.

A very important part of the plant is the laboratory, where raw materials are tested. Personnel takes packages from various lines in the plant every 30 minutes for testing.

Before we started on our tour with Philip Carlson, personnel manager, we donned a hair net and white coat, required before a person is allowed into the plant.

The Funny Face line is located in an air conditioned room with humidity and dust control. The attractive green painted room was planned for a quality that is prevalent throughout the entire plant.